Bill Claypool NUØQ 2018 Winthrop Mager Recipient

Dec 11th, 2018 | By | Category: Alerts

Some 22 years ago Bill, NUQC received the Wintrop Mage Award for his outstanding service to the DMRAA.  As treasurer he was recognized for keeping the financial affairs of the club in order.  Since 1996 he has continued to do the same.  Always cheerful in his duties and patient for those of us who attempt to confuse him.  It seems only fitting that he be recognized for his faithful service to the DMRAA again.  Who knows what the next 22 years will bring?  Hopefully a few more presentations on DXing and contesting.

It was noted by Bruce, KCØZMT that Bill has the title of “Treasurer for Life.  After 32 years as DMRAA treasurer he is certainly deserving of the title and the Wintrop Mager Award.