Bob Johnson, WØSMS Honored with the Winthrop Mager Award

Dec 10th, 2019 | By | Category: Alerts

Bob Johnson, WØSMS is the 2019 recipient of DMRAA radio operator of the year, the Winthrop Mager Award.

Bob was in the DMRAA for many years before deciding to come back and be more active.  Since becoming more active he has taken on many responsibilities.  He has been very active with the DMRAA Education Committee helping with the 1-Day Technician’s class and multi-week technician’s classes.  His education commitment also includes the General upgrade classes.  He serves as an active DMRAA Board Member as well.

Bob was also instrumental in improving our Field Day performance.  This is in part due to the relationship Bob and others have made with the Fort Des Moines Museum.

All in all Bob has his fingerprints on many projects within the club.