DMRAA ChiliFeed / Auction November 20th, 2018

Nov 5th, 2018 | By | Category: Alerts

We know that many of you have been getting ready for the annual auction.  This is the time to clean out the shack find new homes for all those “orphan” radios and gear your haven’t used recently.  We have seen several new Hams at these meetings and they will be looking for some  quality radio gear.  Do your part and bring some!  Of course the Chili will satisfy your food cravings and you’ll be able to concentrate on bidding!

The Chili Feed / Auction will be held at St. Paul Presbyterian Church, 6426 Merle Hay Road in Johnston. (same place as last year)  Admission is $7.  This includes both the meal and the auction.  Note:  The meal is included with your admission to the auction.

Please bring your unwanted items to sell.  The club   receives 10% of the sale price.  Buybacks are $1


You may pay your DMRAA dues for 2019.

DMRAA Stainless Steel Mugs will be available as well. Please feel free to bring family and friends.