Field Day 2018 is a Wrap

Jun 29th, 2018 | By | Category: Alerts

Ok the weather was great Saturday for set up.  Yellow Banks Park Shelter #1 is a great spot.  Not to hot and not to cold.  It was a little cloudy but that was ok.  Wow the folks that were setting up the site really knew what they were doing!  I did very little but they let me run the Drill to crank up one of the towers.  Oh yes I went to the hardware store for some missing hardware for the Beams.  There were two towers with beam/rotors and of course the two ARES Trailers.  If you have not seen the inside of them you should.  They looked like a professional installation.

The two Honda Generators running were so quite you could stand right by them and carry on a conversation no problem.  The HF equipment I saw was Elecraft, TenTec, and an ICOM 746PRO.  That did not count the 2Meter and 440 equipment.  Lots of Rotor Control cables and Co-AX for the Antennas.  Lots of generous Hams loaning some great equipment.  This would have been a great spot to get some operating time on great equipment.

I had to leave by 1PM so did not see much operating.  I enjoy watching  the set up and try to help in a small way but it looked like clockwork to me they way things went together.  I wish I could have stayed around to watch the operation but-.

I even missed the tear down Sunday and hope they made it before the rain.

I have attended many Field Day events at many locations and each year it seems to get better.  I remember stringing up wire antennas in trees using 1/2 pound of washers on the end of a nylon string and winding up like David and Goliath and launching those washers over the tree until we got it where we wanted.  There was one time, across from the Capitol, when a windy rainstorm came up.  We picked up a Kenwood TS520, the next morning in one of the operating tents, and the water poured out of it!  I enjoy just talking with the folks putting up the equipment and the DMRAA seems to have one thing in mind.  COME OUT AND HELP AND HAVE A GOOD TIME THEN GET SOME OPERATING IN.    Well enough on old stories.


I will of course include some photos and let them speak for themselves.

I included just one Aerial photo but took many more (48). HA


Article by Larry, KAØFTO

2018 FD Statistics

Many of the pictures are in the DMRAA Photostream in the upper right of the web page.