CW Operators’ Club 10th Anniversary Celebration

Dec 30th, 2019 | By | Category: Chatter

January 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the CW Operators’ Club (CWops). In our ten years of promoting the use of CW in amateur radio communications, we’ve grown to more than 2,400 members worldwide. To honor our members’ devotion to CW and the efforts of many volunteers toward promoting its use and educating new devotees, we’re celebrating with a month-long on-air event in January, 2020. To learn more about CWops, visit our Website at

All radio amateurs are invited to participate in our Celebration. Certificates will be awarded in various categories including certificates for working at least 25 members of CWops.

A number of unique Special Anniversary Celebratory Calls—e.g. K3CWO, GB10CWO or N5A, will be active during the celebration.

Complete rules and QSL information are available at

​Look for CWops members and special event stations near 28 kHz up from the bottom of each band. We also suggest using the CW Club RBN Spotter at