DMR Digital is Popular in Des Moines

May 4th, 2017 | By | Category: Chatter

The new DMR repeater has only been functional for two weeks and is getting quite a workout.  Temporarily the repeater has been operating on 443.175+ the UHF D-Star frequency.  In a few days the frequency will change to 444.725+ and the UHF D-Star will be back in service.  Given the huge interest (over 60 registrations in Polk County) we are taking extra steps to ensure a smooth transition to the new frequency.  A new codeplug has been posted which contains a temporary zone called “Des Moines Old”.  After you have installed the codeplug please use “Des Moines Old” until the change takes place.  Once the frequency takes change place use the zone called “Des Moines”.   Please feel free to call Tom, NØVPR (515) 314-5666  if you need assistance.