Story County Amateur Radio Club Fox Hunt August 13th

Jul 27th, 2017 | By | Category: Chatter

In addition to the SCARC potluck picnic that evening, the Story County Amateur Radio Club is hosting a Fox Hunt, or hidden transmitter hunt, on Sunday, August 13th in Ames, Iowa. We request all interested hunters assemble in the parking lot west of Hy-Vee Gas, Grand Avenue and Lincoln Way at 2 pm to register with the hunt leader and receive the rules briefing. Hunters may be individuals or teams and the Fox will be hidden somewhere within the Ames city limits on publicly accessible property. Everyone is welcome, even if you do not have an amateur radio license (hunting is a receive-only activity). If you have never hunted before, come to the assembly area and ride along with one of the more experienced hunters. For an introduction to Fox Hunting, see:  The automated Fox will transmit a series of Morse code tones on 146.430 MHz FM simplex for two hours (2:10 to 4:10 pm), with assistance provided to any requesting hunter on the Fox frequency in the final hour (after 3:10 pm). Then head over to the SCARC potluck picnic at 5 pm, see for details. For questions, contact Clint Miller at

Clint Miller KCØJUO
Story County Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service