Antenna Building Project Scheduled for Next DMRAA Meeting

Aug 11th, 2019 | By | Category: DMRAA Meetings

Please join us for our regular DMRAA monthly meeting August 27th.  Rick NØCFL and Bob, WØSMS will help us build our own Go-Box antenna.

A fun activity, Rick and I will show all of us how to build an antenna that will work on both VHF and UHF that you can put in your GO BAG. The kits do NOT require soldering, and will be available to the first 16 people that order them. The cost of this kit with all parts included and soldering done for you is only $5.00. All you need to bring to complete this fun build will be a P1 Phillips screw driver and pair of pliers to hold the nut. Order your kit from Rick at N0CFL@ARRL.NET , or Bob at W0SMS@ARRL.NET.  See you at the Build.

Editor’s note:  This antenna project is ideally suited for the newer Hams.  A simple way to “get your feet wet” with an antenna project.