Officers & Board

Officers are elected annually.  The following individuals serve as DMRAA Officers for the 2022-2023 term:

  • President: Scott Kirstein, NØOOD
  • Vice President: Jason Walerius, KEØIAV
  • Treasurer: Bill Claypool, NUØQ
  • Secretary: Patrick McIntyre, KD9BBA

Directors serve a two year term with three director positions up for election every year.  The following individuals serve on the Board of Directors:

  • Rick Allen, NØCFL (2024)
  • Mark Globuschutz, KØMJG (2024)
  • Ray Harden, WØRAY (2023)
  • Dean Madsen, NØXR (2024)
  • Bob Johnson, WØSMS (2023)
  • Michael Waldron, AEØMW (2023)