HF2078 is a Threat to Iowa Amateurs

Feb 4th, 2020 | By | Category: Alerts

HF2078 is an Iowa House bill that would amend the 2013 law that prohibits texting while driving.  The addition proposed is to ban the use of any electronic device while driving.  Hands free operation of a cell phone would be allowed if that system is built into the vehicle.

While the bill does not specifically identify the use of a mobile radio it would not be much of a stretch to see the law applied to amateur radio mobile use.

Amateur Radio has a long and safe record of mobile radio use.  This use is most often used for communication with fellow hams while driving but equally important it is used in all types of public Service events and disasters.

As operators what can we do to make sure that there is an exemption for licensed Amateur Radio operators?  Simple answer is to contact you legislator.  A letter has been sent to the sponsors of this bill, explain the need to add specific language to exempt Licensed Amateur Radio us while driving.  Your letters can only serve to reinforce that argument.

Please don’t lean back and think that all that can be done is being done!  You letters serve to round out that “all”

A copy of the proposed bill can be found here.  https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislation/BillBook?ga=88&ba=HF%202078