Club Station

The Des Moines Radio Amateurs Association is developing a club station at the Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center, 75 E. Army Post Road, Des Moines, IA.  The station currently has HF, VHF and UHF capabilities.

The club station is scheduled to be open the third Saturday of the month from 10am until 2pm.  There will be a member of the club station committee present during these scheduled times to answer questions, help adjust equipment and troubleshoot any issues.  The committee member may also act as a control operator allowing an unlicensed person or licensed person exceeding their privileges to get on the air with the privileges of the control operator.

Those wanting to operate the club station that are unable to make the scheduled hours should contact the club station committee members by email to see if someone can accommodate a preferred date/time.


2024 Schedule
Date/Time Committee Member Significant On Air Activity Taking Place
01/20/24 10am-5pm Dean N0XR North American QSO Party SSB
02/17/24 10am-2pm Mark K0MJG ARRL International DX Contest CW
03/16/24 10am-2pm Tom W0FN
04/20/24 10am-2pm Dean N0XR Michigan & Ontario QSO Parties
05/18/24 10am-2pm Dean N0XR Arkansas QSO Party
06/15/24 10am-2pm Dennis KA0DOS International Museums on the Air
West Virginia QSO Party
ARRL Kids Day
06/22/24 – 06/23/24
8am-8pm    8am-1pm
Field Day Field Day
07/20/24 10am-2pm Mark K0MJG CQ Worldwide VHF Contest
08/17/24 10am-2pm Dennis KA0DOS North American QSO Party SSB
09/21/24 10am-2pm Dean N0XR Iowa QSO Party
10/19/24 10am-2pm Mark K0MJG JOTA – Jamboree On The Air
New York QSO Party
11/16/24 10am-2pm Dennis KA0DOS ARRL Sweepstakes SSB
12/21/24 10am-2pm Bob KA0OMM


Club Station Committee Members
Call Name Cell Phone Email
K0MJG Mark Globuschutz 515-201-7669 [email protected]
N0XR Dean Madsen 515-770-7437 [email protected]
W0FN Tom Weaver 515-480-5300 [email protected]
W0RAY Ray Harden 515-208-0681 [email protected]
KE0IAV Jason Walerius 319-360-7001 [email protected]
KA0DOS Dennis O’Brien 515-473-1013 [email protected]
W0SMS Bob Johnson 515-240-6349 [email protected]


Tower construction

The tower has arrived (video)

Tower on the ground

Base Prep – Rerod 1

Base Prep – Rerod 3

Base Prep – Rerod 2

Concrete Form is Set

Concrete Form Level

Digging the Hole (Video)

Digging the Hole 2 (Video)

Digging the Hole

Base Set in Hole (video)

Base Set in Hole 1

Base Set in Hole 2

Base Set in Hole 3

Base Set in Hole 4

Base Set in Hole 5

Base Set in Hole Prepared for Rain

Checking level prior to the concrete pour #1

Checking level prior to the concrete pour #2

Concrete Pour #1 (video)

Concrete Pour #2 (video)

Concrete Pour #3 (video)

Tower Base Installed 1

Tower Base Installed 2

Tower Base Installed 3