About the DMRAA

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The Des Moines Radio Amateurs’ Association is a non-profit organization and one of the oldest ARRL-affiliated amateur radio clubs in the midwest. The DMRAA was established to conduct its programs and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in the community. The club regularly hosts programs, activities and exercises and maintains radio communication systems to benefit the community.

General meetings are typically held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center in Des Moines. All are welcome — experienced hams, new hams, and the general public.

The DMRAA also regularly offers classes and study groups for area citizens who are interested in getting licensed or experienced operators that are looking to upgrade their license or learn a new skill. For details on classes and study groups coming up, visit the DMRAA front page or contact us for more information.

Just what is the DMRAA and what do we do?

An interesting question that may be best answered by saying we do a lot and yet we could do much more!

The DMRAA is only as good and as strong as its members. That said, the goals and vision of the DMRAA are subject to interpretation and implementation.

This great organization has a rich tradition and many accomplishments since it was formed. It presently maintains three repeaters. The 146.940 repeater located at Park and Fleur, the 146.985 located at the Des Moines VA Hospital, 30th and Beaver and the 145.130 repeater located at Broadlawns Medical Center.  The club also provides the bi-monthly newsletter, the Static Sheet, DMRAA Hamfest, Chili Feed and Auction, monthly meetings, educational programs, and encourages active participation and growth of the amateur radio service.

The advantage of having a strong organization supporting hams in central Iowa is not always seen at the regular meetings. The DMRAA has been able to financially support the introduction of D-STAR radio locally. We were also able to support Amateur Radio Emergency Service by helping with the signage and equipping of the new ARES trailer. The club is able to do this by using the resources of the DMRAA and the leadership of the officers and board of directors.

It is vitally important that the club balances its goals and vision while maintaining a strong membership and treasury.

What can you do? Be involved! Encourage new hams to become members, pay your dues, come to meetings, help with Field Day, the Hamfest, the auction and other activities.

The DMRAA maintains 3 repeaters with the WØAK callsign. First is 146.940 with a negative shift and a PL tone of 114.8. The repeater is located on the south side of Des Moines.  Our 2nd repeater is the 146.985 with a negative shift and a PL tone of 114.8.  It is located at the Veterans Hospital, 30th and Douglas.  the third repeater is the 145.130 with a negative shift and a PL tone of 114.8.  It is located at Broadlawns Medical Center 18th and Hickman. Click here for a comprehensive list of central Iowa VHF/UHF repeaters.

DMRAA Freq Guide April 2022

Wintrop Mager Award:

The purpose of the Winthrop Mager Award is to perpetuate the memory of the Reverend Winthrop M. Mager WØMJH, and to stimulate the activity in all fields of Amateur Radio in the Central Iowa Area. It is awarded by the Des Moines Radio Amateur Association, Des Moines, Iowa. Any radio operator with any class license who is a member of the Des Moines Radio Amateur Association is eligible. Nominations will be submitted to the committee in writing no later than the regular November meeting.

Nominations for the Annual Winthrop Major Award need to be sent to the DMRAA President no later than the November meeting. They must be in writing. The President will give the nominations to the Committee for processing at that time. Nominees are those Amateur Operators that have shown outstanding support for Amateur Radio, promotion of the Amateur Radio Service and have done so with the utmost respect for the community and fellow operators.   Click here for a list of the past recipients Wintrop Mager Winners 2019