Winthrop Mager Award Nominations due at ChiliFeed

Oct 29th, 2018 | By | Category: Chatter

The purpose of the Winthrop Mager Award is to perpetuate the memory of the Reverend Winthrop M. Mager WØMJH, and to stimulate the activity in all fields of Amateur Radio in the Central Iowa Area. It is awarded by the Des Moines Radio Amateur Association, Des Moines, Iowa. Any radio operator with any class license who is a member of the Des Moines Radio Amateur Association is eligible. Nominations will be submitted to the committee in writing no later than the regular November meeting.


Nominations for the Annual Winthrop Major Award need to be sent to the DMRAA President no later than the November meeting. They must be in writing. The President will give the nominations to the Committee for processing at that time. Nominees are those Amateur Operators that have shown outstanding support for Amateur Radio, promotion of the Amateur Radio Service and have done so with the utmost respect for the community and fellow operators.

Chuck here for the Nomination Form 


Please submit your nominations at or prior to the ChiliFeed / Auction.