WØAK DMRAA club repeaters

DMRAA RepeaterThe Des Moines Radio Amateurs Association maintains an analog 2-meter repeater on 146.940 (negative shift) with a PL tone of 114.8. This repeater is maintained by membership dues and donations. It is identified by the callsign WØAK and is located in Des Moines at Fleur Drive and Park Avenue. The repeater is a Kenwood TKR-750K2 with a Kenwood KSGPA22512 110 watt PA, TXRX duplexer and a rack mounted 35 amp power supply with battery back-up. The present system was installed January 2014.

The second DMRAA repeater WØAK-2 is located at Veterans Hospital at 30th and Douglas in Des Moines.  This repeater is a Motorola GR500 with a TPL model RXR 70 watt PA deck and Sinclair duplexers.  This repeater contains a remote base radio (GM300) which allows the repeater to be linked to select UHF repeaters in the Des Moines area.  It is connected to the hospital’s dedicated generator circuit.  146.985 –  tone 114.8

DMRAA’s third repeater WØAK-3 is a Yeasu Fusion DX-2 located at Broadlawns Medical Center.


Central Iowa Repeater Guide

Trying to figure out the local repeater frequencies and tone codes for the central Iowa area? Look no further as we’ve compiled a downloadable list for you.  Click here for the DMRAA Freq Guide December 2018

For information on the Mid-Iowa Skywarn linked system, click here.

Central Iowa VHF nets
There are several VHF nets in central Iowa to check into each week:
Sunday    7:00 p.m.      145.390-  114.8   Saylor Township Fellowship Net
Sunday    7:30 p.m.      444.725+           Iowa DMR Sunday Night Users Net
Sunday    7:30 p.m.       29.670- 103.5 PL Iowa Ten Meter Net
Sunday    7:00 p.m.      147.240+          Story County ARES (Ames)
Sunday    8:00 p.m.      146.610- 114.8 PL Central Iowa ARES
Sunday    following ARES 146.940- 114.8 PL Central Iowa Technical Net
Sunday    8:00 p.m.      146.850-          Boone County ARC (Boone)
Sunday    8:30 p.m.      443.400+ 151.4 PL SW Iowa Amateur Radio Assn. Net (Creston)
Sunday    9:30 p.m.      1972.5 khz        Iowa 160M ARES net 
Monday    7:00 p.m.      147.015+ 103.5 PL Hamilton County ARES (Webster City)
Monday    7:00 p.m.      146.940- 114.8 PL DMRAA Informational Net (Des Moines)
Monday    8:00 p.m.      145.190- 114.8 PL Dallas County ARES (Perry)
Monday    following ARES 145.190- 114.8 PL HARC (Perry)
Wednesday 8:30 p.m.       53.250-          Iowa 6 Meter Net 1.7mhz-
Wednesday 9:00 p.m.      147.375+ 114.8 PL Cyclone ARC (Ames)
Thursday  7:00 p.m.      146.940- 114.8 PL Polk County ARES (Des Moines)
Saturday  7:30 a.m.      146.640- 114.8 PL Warren County ARES  (Indianola)

DMRAA Net Script click here for the DMRAA Net Script


3703283152_d423c744bf_oThe DMRAA, in conjunction with the Des Moines Amateur Radio Technical Society (ARTS), established Iowa’s first D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) repeater system and is located in Grimes under the callsign KDØIAN. The KDØIAN system employs 144MHz digital voice, and 440MHz digital voice. The KDØIAN system is funded by members of both clubs as well as generous donations from the Iowa amateur radio community. Click here for the D-Star User Guide v1.4(PDF).

System status can be found at It is recommended that users register for gateway use with their nearest repeater. You only need to register once to use the gateway on any D-STAR repeater.

Questions regarding the D-STAR system should be directed to administrators Mike Waldron (AEØMW), Larry Vandewater (NØBKB), and Tom Reis (NØVPR).


The DMRAA maintains the WØAK APRS digipeater which is located in Des Moines at Fleur Drive and Park Avenue. Iowa uses the nationally-recognized APRS frequency of 144.39. There are numerous digipeaters and i-gates spread throughout central Iowa.

For a map of recent APRS activity in Des Moines, click here.