SWIARC Hamfest March 5th, 2016

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McClelland IA Hamfest 05 Mar 2016

MFJ pwr sup Door Prize (scroll to bottom of article for addt'l comments)

MFJ pwr sup Door Prize
SWIARC’s annual first Saturday in March (03/05) Hamfest is coming up. It’s out at McClelland IA

again, 10 miles East and North of Council Bluffs. Open at 8AM,

McClelland City Office    117 Main St    McClelland, IA

Admission $4

Tables $6 (includes 1 admission

Greg NØGR is Hamfest Chairman. E/Mail him using NØGR at ARRL net

Pictured above are door prizes this year, an MFJ 25 Amp switcher, and LG ‘Sunrise’ smart phone.
Your MFJ will be the new model with LED lighting, and your smart phone won’t have any pictures
on it. (The smart phone doesn’t come with a contract. You could use its Wi-Fi ability to
download the ANY TONE phone app and use the phone for Free any time you’re near W-Fi.)

1st MFJ 4225 power supply
2nd LG Sunrise phone/camera/computer w/browser
3rd LG Sunrise – we’re giving away 2 of them
4th MFJ digital Atomic clock
and a bunch more items